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So I didn’t realize how much the blog was helping me. The accountability factor of it all really made me crunch down on my bad habits and run harder. Since my last post I have hurt myself mainly because I still don’t own the right pair of running shoes. I can feel the pain in my knee, hip and lower back. I love to run and really need it to feel strong and healthy.Since my last weigh in on here I have been going up and down with the same 5lbs. NO major weight loss and/or gain.  I still plan to train for my first half in November. Training starts in August. I will have the right shoes by then. Till then lots of summer fun happening. Pool days, park days, beach week, Poconos week!!! Watermelon, ice tea, ice cream cones and corn on the cob!!!! Gotta love summer. Lots of food but way more sweating so I guess it evens out 🙂 I am super excited to be heading to the beach this Saturday for the week. Me and two toddlers. My Monsters The loves of my life and I will be adventuring to the shore with my in laws!!!. Lots of sleep needed to prepare for this adventure or just a lot of caffeine once we get there. 

Here is a pic from one of our park days….. they are so stinking cute



Last time we spoke (Ok OK I wrote and u barely read) I was preparing for my 5 mile run. Here is a pic pre run!!!



Yes that says NON-Fat MILF… LOVE IT!!!! The 5 miles was a lot harder than we expected.  Apparently we signed up for the “HILL-R-US” race. Extremely hilly and HOT. My goal was under an hour and I came in at 63 minutes. I am okay with it mainly because I have to be but It is a good time to try to beat next year. Don’t know when I will get back to a computer but I hope I have one when my training starts so I can stay accountable 🙂 


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Soooo LONG

It’s been too long my friends. My computer is broken 😦 The last couple weeks I have keep up with my 10k training plan and tomorrow is my 5 mile race!!! YIKES Did a test run last weekend and it was rough but doable!!! I am excited and nervous for tomorrow. What is next for me? That is a great question you ask. I am going to sign up for the Trenton Half Marathon which is in early November. I will start training for that race in August and until then just keep up my running and healthy lifestyle. Now I had originally said on the blog that I would be running the Boston FULL Marathon next year. That was obviously a moment of passion because after some careful brain storming I have decided I will not be able to train for a full while my children are still young. Sorry If i disappointed anyone but I have to do what best for the family. I hope to some day run a full but honestly not for several more years. So for now lets stick with the Half Marathon goal so I only feel half crazy!!! 🙂 Again nervous and excited. When I started running I could barely run for 3 minutes and last weekend I ran for almost an hour. Looking at 2:30-3 hours of running is really scary but I know I can do it because I have already overcome the hard part which is getting out there and actually trying. Every week I put miles on my Nikes and every week I am getting stronger. I am hoping it wont take me so long to post again!!


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