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Wellness Wednesday

on May 8, 2013


Thought this was funny!!!! Weighed in at 186.5 this morning. I guess I am gonna do it .5lbs at a time now. I hope not, that would take forever. I am thinking another cleanse will have to be done next month to really  get the scale moving again.  Right now I wanna focus on this training. It is super hard. The sprints are so foreign to me. My body never moves that fast and most of the time I feel like I am going to fall flat on my face. I can already feel that the sprints are helping with endurance with my other workouts and my longer runs. I did my cross training today (Jillian 30ds) and I didn’t stop once. That is a big accomplishment. Now the whole purpose of this workout is to workout as hard as you can for 20 minutes and never stop. Now until today I have at least taken one or two water breaks when I do this video but not today. I was able to keep up the whole time and am super excited about this. Today was an I love you, Jillian day!!!! I have an extremely love/hate relationship with Jill (Yup that’s right, we are tight)  I wish!!! Today was a good day for our relationship, she was right. She even says in the video “just keep doing it and eventually your body will adapt.” LOVE YOU JILLIAN.. 

I have to focus on these non-scale victories as well because than I become obsessed with the scale and we all know that is not good.

To avoid obsessing…..

1. I only weigh myself once a week ( to help with this I do not leave my scale on the ground. I store it in my laundry room and only bring it out on Wednesdays)

2. I also take measurements and Picture throughout my journey to see comparsions!!


So far these two things have helped a lot. I am happy with my .5 loss and even happier with my Jillian workout today. Tomorrow is my first attempt on the all out sprint outside. I think I would feel better if I had a face mask. This workout is gonna have to take place in the AM before the hubbers leaves for work so wish me luck on the waking up early thing and the not falling on my face thing!






2 responses to “Wellness Wednesday

  1. Sis says:

    You’re doing great ! Proud of ya

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