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Week 2 of 10k training

on May 6, 2013

First week went well. I got all my workouts in!! For me it helps that I write it down so I can stick to the plan and know what has to be accomplished each day. This week is very similar with little changes to the workouts.

Monday- rest day

Tuesday- five 2 minute pick ups and two 1 minute pick up with 1 minute recovery after each.

Wednesday- cross train (Jillian 30ds)

Thursday- Treadmill incline pick ups. Six 20 sec sprints with 1 minute recovery after each. (OH yea i broke my treadmill so i am going to have to do this one outside)

Friday- Cross train (Jillian 30ds)

Saturday- easy run or rest

Sunday- Long run ( 40 minutes)

Last week I found it easier to switch Friday and Saturday because I have more time on the weekends but we will see how it goes this week. Not looking forward to these sprints outside. I feel like I’m gonna fall the whole time.

Food wise I ate horrible on Saturday. We were out and about all day, had pizza twice in one day and maybe even some wine….. Sooooo Bad I know. Never made it to the produce store this weekend so I hope I can spruce up some healthy stuff this week without completely eating horrible all week. Its all about whats in the house. I like fruits and vegetables and when they are in the house I will choose them. I have yet to experience whats gonna happen if I don’t have any in the house. I guess we will see and I will hope I can get to the produce store sometime soon.


Weekend was nice.. Mothers day next weekend…. What is everyone plannning for your mothers or yourself (if you are a mommy)?


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