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Wellness Wednesday

on May 1, 2013

Hi All! I started a new training plan this week. I found the plan in my fitness magazine last month.



This is the first 4 weeks of the program.(sorry about the horrible picture.) It is a 8 week plan. I do not have a 10k scheduled and can not find one as of right now that fits my schedule. I do have a 5 mile run scheduled for June 2nd so I know I need to up my mileage! So I hope this plan will help with that.

Here is this week

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Ten 1 minute pick ups with 1 minute recovery after.

Wednesday: cross train (which is an easy to moderate cardio workout of your choice for 15 minutes followed by a strength training routine) For these days I am going to do my Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred routines.

Thursday: treadmill incline pickups eight 15 sec sprints with 1 minute recovery after each

Friday: cross train

Saturday: rest or light run (25 minutes)

Sunday: Long run (35-40 minutes)

Already did Monday and Tuesday. Wow was the 10 pick ups hard, after the third one I was ready to stop but I didn’t. I did all 10 and felt like death after. My body still hurts today so you know that was a good workout. I have Jillian scheduled for nap time today and dreading it!!! LOL she is gonna kick my butt. It’s been awhile since I have done one of her videos.

Do not worry I did not forget that today is weigh in day. I weighed in at 187 this morning that is .5 loss. I’ve totally been in maintenance mode all month. I did not reach any more goals this month and wasn’t able to keep up with the arm challenge every day. I did work in strength training twice a week every week in April and will continue that with the cross train days on this plan. Food wise I don’t really have a plan yet. I am gonna start from the beginnning again and write down everything. Hopefully this will help me see what I am doing wrong and I can actually lose some weight this month. It is really hard for me to focus on both training and hard core dieting. I find when I am training I naturally eat better but I dont actually follow a plan. Too many plans make this girl go crazy!!!

New month and I am excited to get started and make some progress. Just keep going!!! Might not have accomplished everything I wanted to last month but its a new day and you have to JUST KEEP GOING. Yes I am giving myself a pep talk. Don’t judge!!! 🙂

If you know of any 10k in June, July or August leave a response. I don’t know if I am gonna be able to find one in the summer. Might have to wait till Fall. If you have any other races let me know. Love having running partners and cheering each other on!!!





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