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Two year old POOH party!

on April 29, 2013

Saturday Phoebe turned two. So we had a little party for her and her little friends. Soooooo many babies around, I was in heaven. I don’t think there was one moment I was baby less. Phoebe is obsessed with Winnie the Pooh right now so we had a lil Pooh theme.

I found some great ideas on Pinterest and tried to recreate them. Image First was the hunny pots. This is the image I found on Pinterest and these are the ones I made for the party. Gotta give a big thank you to the best friend for all the help with these. They are pretty damn good right. ImageOk a true “Nailed it” moment. We put Honey combs in most of them but also used one for the silverware! They were super easy with a little paint and a sharpie!

Next was the sign out front.Image  Here is what I found on Pinterest.


Here is what I made. This again was super easy. The boards came in the exact sizes I needed at AC Moore and I just used a brown marker on it.

Isn’t she the cutest thing? The tutu set and hair pin were from Little Lads and Lasses. I decided I wasn’t that crafty and just ordered one!!! I also decided to just order the favors for the children to take home instead of trying to make them.Image


I got these off at a little shop called Hannah Chocolate dream. Again they came out perfect and were a nice and easy favor to hand out. Another decoration we had is a banner I made last year which I put Velcro on and had 12 months worth of pictures of Phoebe on it. I simply took off last years 12 months and replace it with this years pictures. This is a great reusable decoration. Its made out of string and felt paper. Cut the felt into 12 triangles and connect them with the string. Put Velcro in middle of triangle and then place the pictures on the Velcro. The last cute decoration idea I forgot to get good pictures of. I made little food signs and tapped them to Phoebes little bath characters she has.


We had Pooh related foods. Like “Piglets in a blanket” which were turkey dogs and reduced fat crescent rolls!!! We had “Rabbit’s Vegetables” which was a simple veggie tray. Also, “Pooh’s hunny” which was the honey combs. Lastly, we had “Tigger’s Trail mix” which was a chex mix pack. I made super healthy pasta salad and no one noticed. My mother in law brought an awesome cake mix dip which was low in calories. It was so gooooooood!! Of course there was the normal unhealthy stuff too but I just wanted to make sure I had healthy options. The cake which was far from a healthy version was so cute.


My parents got it from Piazza’s Bakery.

I had a little bit of everything. I focused more on the healthy foods but I didn’t deprive myself. If I wanted to try something, I just made sure I had good portion control and did not go over board. This worked well for me. I wasn’t obsessing over the food and did not over do it. Great party, Great company, Great day!!! Here is my absolute favorite picture from the day!!! Image


My baby is all grown up!!! I love those kisses!



P.S. Don’t forget wellness Wednesday this week. I have a new training schedule I will be sharing with you!!!






One response to “Two year old POOH party!

  1. Robin says:

    Happy belated birthday to Phoebe!!!

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