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Weekend review- otherwise known as SHOE post.

on April 23, 2013

Had a really great weekend. Sorry I am just posting today. My computer is on the fritz and I had to wait to get to another one. I ran a 5k Saturday for Make Every April Better foundation in  Tyler state Park. My sister and mother joined me and walked the trail. A whole week of no running and resting my knee prior to the race really did help. My knee felt great prior to run and did not hurt during the run. I came in at 30:26 which is a PR(personal record) for me!!! I was super stocked about this because after the first really big hill I thought I was a goner. I had to walk a little once I got to the top of that hill but ran the rest of the time and made great time. Even my sister had a personal best, walking 3.1 miles in 47 minutes. It was a cold one but we did it and we dedicated it to Boston with all our Boston gear!!!Image


We also got creative and took some shoe photos. lol



I had already decided it was time for new shoes after this race but after seeing this picture I knew I needed a brighter pair!!! I love my Nikes! Scored a sweet deal on these from Kohls and can not wait to try them out tomorrow morning.



 We will have to take a new shoe picture now!!! LOL

After the run came party time. We had a great time at Austin’s First birthday and of course I have to show you my shoes again (this is nicknamed the shoe post)



Yes those are MINT snake skins!!!!! LOOOOOVE them. I am totally obsessed with Mint! Loving the new mint and coral combinations this season and just love how mint goes with my complexion. Way more mint to come from me this season. 

We had family photos on Sunday at the park. It was super cold and Phoebe was a little booger but all and all they went really well. Hoping to get a sneak peek soon! Here is the aftermath



Wait is that MINT again……LOL maybe!!! Wait and see

Pat and I needed a nap afterwards! 

Monday morning I woke up at 530 to run before Pat left for work. I am hoping to do this Wednesday and Friday this week as well. It felt really great to get my run done early in the morning and not have to worry about fitting it in later.  I ate really well so far this week and hope the scale is nice tomorrow. I will be getting ready for Phoebe’s 2nd Birthday all week. Getting a little crafty, trying some new things, lots of cleaning and some baking. She turns two on Saturday!!! EEEEEKKKK Where has the time gone? Till then I will leave you with a selfie!!

This is me



(if this was a color photo you would be seeing a mint shirt) OK OK I need MINT REHAB!!! HELLLLP






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