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Off track

on April 16, 2013

One thing after another in this household lately. Two different viruses went through the house and I hurt my knee. I haven’t been on top of my diet at all. Literally eating everything in site 😦


 My friends and I are signed up for a 5k this Saturday. In hopes that I can run on Saturday, I am not gonna run this week and just ice the knee when I can. Already feels better after icing all day yesterday. I don’t wanna lose my work out routine so a lot of walking this week and of course my strength training days are the same. I usually do an arm workout I found on pinterest twice a week. I absolutely hate my arms so I hope this helps with tank top season around the corner.


Everybody seems to be feeling better. The laundry is piled up and it’s beautiful out today. Today is a new day.


P.S. Boston is forever in my heart and I hope to run next year next to my cousin with my middle finger in the air. Races are exciting, adrenaline filled, happy moments. They create bounds between people. They create lasting memories in families. They are positive experiences and no one will take that away.


One response to “Off track

  1. I like your support of Boston! I know you will get back on track better to heal those injuries now then to over do it and let them continue to get worse

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