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Mommy Summer Joys

on April 12, 2013

The beginning of the week really got us all excited for summer. After a teasing winter, the nice weather hits and everybody is “facebook status” stoked to be out in the sun and fresh air. Believe me I am stoked for these things as well but my priorities have changed a little since becoming a mom.

Now one of my favorite things about the nice weather is the fact that you don’t have to bundle the kids up to go outside. What does this mean for mommy? Less of a fight to get everyone dressed and less clothing/accessories thrown all over the house. Plus slip on shoes make for more independence on the kids part. Second thing is the fact that we can eat outside. Since apparently I am raising food slinging monkeys, not children, I love that the mess stays outside and hopefully mother nature has the dirty job of clean up. Of course playing outside exhausts the monkeys kids and mama as well but I am more willing to exhaust my energy when I know I will have sleeping babies later 🙂

So you would think with all these great benefits of nice weather that my house would be clean all summer because all the mess is outside…..HA hell nooooo , who has the time to clean when you are outside all day?! 🙂

The Monkeys themselves playing in the water in APRIL!


PS. ONE thing I love that has not changed since becoming a mom. Nice weather = Shirtless tattooed MEN husband!!!! 🙂


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