Be Well With El

Mom, Wife, Runner and Business Partner regaining her life back

Wellness Wednesday!!!

on April 10, 2013

Weigh in day. Scale read 187.5 this morning. YAY Buddy!  I have been able to keep up with my 5 meals a day and shake in the morning all week. Went back to produce junction to stock up on fruits and veggies. Yesterday I made a summer salad that I found on Pinterest. Its from….Great recipes there.


Left is Pinterest picture and right is mine. My pic sucks but it was good. I did not have the cilantro and can see how it would be even more amazing with it plus I added cucumbers. Good stuff.

A none scale victory for me this week includes me having to dry all my jeans after every use because they are falling off of me. LOL I am a size 12-14 right now. I don’t think I am ready for a 10 or anything, so I won’t be shopping just yet. I am just at that awkward in between stage. Happy with a lot of my choices this week. Avoided milk shakes and cheesecake!!! It was hard but this accountability factor really helps. Thanks for keeping me accountable.




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