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Let’s hear from you

on April 8, 2013


Poor little Phoebe has been sick for days so my life has consisted of boogers, crying and children Tylenol. She is a hot mess. Without knowing how horrible my week was gonna be I registered for the 5k in my neighborhood on Sunday. It was very uneventful. I got there, I ran, I came home to the same hot mess I left 45 minutes ago. I did a pretty good pace of 11 miles per minutes. I am not gonna lie I was kinda hoping for a steady 10 minute mile but I think the lack of sleep this week really got to me in mile 3. Here is my after pic!

Since my week was pretty boring I would like to hear from you. I would love to know more about my readers. I was looking for a fun question that would get everyone thinking and here it is….

If you were to see your 16 year old self today, list 5 things you would tell him/her?

My answers

1. Be single

2. Join a team

3. Put the mac and cheese away ( NO MORE CAITLYN)

4. DANCE as much as possible bc someday it just won’t look right when you try to drop it like it’s hot!

5. You ARE Beautiful!!! Enjoy Everyday!!! Live in the now πŸ™‚

Let’s hear from you on this beautiful Monday.



9 responses to “Let’s hear from you

  1. pat says:

    Quit smoking
    Save money, don’t spend it like you have it all.
    Live more, don’t just sit around.
    Find Ellen now…

  2. Erin says:

    1) Go away to college
    2) Save $ now
    3) Don’t ever touch a cigarette
    4) Have more fun. You’ll have plenty of time to be boring !
    5) Focus more on your health


  3. cait says:

    1) do better in school, go to college
    2) save my money
    3) quit smoking now
    4) spend more time with my family
    5) be single kid, you’re too sexy to settle down

  4. I hope Phoebe is feeling better!!

    1. You can lose weight
    2. Try running
    3. Go away to college
    4. Save money
    5. Study abroad!

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