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Wellness Wednesday.

on April 3, 2013

Well today is dooms day  weigh-in day. I weigh myself right when I wake up, after I pee and pretty much naked. (you’re welcome for the details) I weighed in this morning at 191. I am actually extremely excited about this. I was so afraid that my weekend would bring back all 6lbs I worked hard to lose the weeks before. A gain is never fun but only 1lb really is not bad. I know I can do better this week and come back with a loss next Wednesday. My small goal is 6lbs before family photos on the 21st.

One aspect of weight loss that seems to be hard for some people is eliminating fast food. I have never been a huge fast food fan, If anything Taco bell is my weakness but never several times a week. Kaine has been asking for McDonald’s and Taco bell a lot lately. Every commercial he sees and if we drive by one all hell breaks loose. It becomes hard to say no when he doesn’t stop and just the thought of not having to cook is amazing. I have made a new rule in our household which is fast food only one time a week Max. A felt even better about our decision to make fast food only once a week after reading an article in my Vitality Magazine. The article focused on the link between fast food and childhood Asthma and eczema. Kaine has already been diagnosed with Asthma but the severity of his condition has greatly decrease due to diet and a chemical free household. He barely needs a treatment anymore. When he was first diagnosed he would do a treatment almost every other night. He doesn’t even need one once a month now. I can see how easy fast food makes life but I have a job as mommy to teach them healthy choices. So I am very happy with our new rule and hope daddy can stick to it!!! LOL 🙂


Ps. sorry about no pictures in this post. Totally boring. Sorry


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