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Weekend fail?

on April 1, 2013

A part of me feels like I totally failed this weekend. I didn’t keep track of anything I ate. 90% of my food was far from clean and I drank a lot of coffee (maybe some wine) 😦

Activity wise though,  I would say it was a very successful weekend with a run on Friday and Sunday mornings and a nice long hilly walk in the park on Saturday.


The kids really had a great time!!! Beautiful day 🙂 Great way to hang out with the family that doesn’t revolve around food. I loved the idea!! Thanks to Heidi and Sarah for thinking of it!

The fresh air and spring weather really makes me happy. I can not get enough of it. I am not happy with my food choices but I am not gonna get to upset about it. I am back on track with my healthy eating today!!! I just hope this doesn’t affect the scale too much for Wellness Wednesday’s Weigh in. (I might get down if it does but for right now I’m thinking positively and keeping up with what i have learned so far)

April is filled with new challenges and fun! Two 5k scheduled for this month. Arm and Ab challenge accepted online. Daily workouts include


Family photos on the 21st and My baby turns 2 this month!! eeeeekkkkkkk!!!

Don’t Blink…..They sure do grow up fast.


Love them




2 responses to “Weekend fail?

  1. Girl, I am with you! I just got home and ate the entire fridge!!! No fail!! Tomorrow is another day!! I loved Saturday- we will have to do it again soon!! Your kids are so so so cute!! Love you.

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