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Weekend progress!!

on March 25, 2013

This weekend was packed with to do lists and fun. Saturday I headed off to the salon to get my hair did!!! if you live in the area you should absolutely check out my sister-in-laws salon, Mam’Zelle on Woodbourne Road in Levittown. They have a fab new look and do an amazing job.


The during picture is always the best.


All done…. See an amazing job. I love the new do! Thank you Rachel!

After my hair cut I ran to produce junction with my friend. That place was a mad house.


I understand why this place was so crazy. I got so many fruits and veggies for only $22. I absolutely will make that a regular trip from now on. We also stopped at target and big bear. Kinda annoyed with the multiple trips that we had to make but my friend politely reminded me that “If you want to live this lifestyle you are gonna have to make multiple trips” Ok OK Maybe I was being a two year old again.( this happens more often than i thought)

Sunday was definitely  FUNday! We had an Easter egg hunt at my parents house.

When I woke up I went for a run.


The after run photo is up there with the during your hair appointment photo, probably in the top 3 photos you should take of yourself. Give em a try!!

Anyways, I like to run on days that we are going to a party/gathering. When I start my day with a run I am more likely to make healthy decisions throughout the day. This party was going to be a challenge though. When I started the cleanse I knew I would have to deal with this. I usually shove my face the whole time at a party and desserts are my down fall. I am never able to stop once I get started. I have no self control. As soon as I walk into my parents house I said to myself ” F* this cleanse, Just eat girl”




But I didn’t. I walked in with my greens, nuts and Clean brownies. I snack on the nuts and ate my salad as my meal. Once the dessert came around that was a lil tougher but I did not touch a thing. I ate my extremely dry  “clean” brownies which i thought were delicious because I haven’t eaten anything like it in a week. My sister almost chocked on one and Kaine spit his out!!! Lol

Honestly, the extreme urge I had to eat everything went away after 30 minutes or so. I am hoping in time I will learn how to control my sudden urges and really know when I am hungry and when I am just being a food crazed woman.

Today is my last day on the cleanse. Post will be up tomorrow on results and whats next. Until then I will leave you with this picture from the egg hunt.

Isn’t she so cute? Baby doll and purse with her at all times.






2 responses to “Weekend progress!!

  1. I love your hair! I agree- Rachel is the best 😉

    Isn’t PJ awesome?!?

    Great job with self control at the party! I am totally the same way- once I start, I can’t stop!! It is SUCH a good feeling to be in control and to be successful! We will have to motivate each other at the next party because I totally struggle with this, too!

    • Ellen says:

      Yes it would be best that we stick together at the next party and stay away from all the junk!!! 🙂 PJ was def awesome. I am already almost out of bananas! Pat started making himself a shake in the morning as well as the kids just love fruit!!! Its totally worth the trip up there every week or so. thanks again for your encouragement.

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