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Cleansing it and it feels so good.

on March 22, 2013

That title might be a little misleading. I felt quite lethargic the last couple of days and extremely grumpy because I want Coffeeeeee!!!! (I feel like my two year old throwing a hissy fit when I talk about it.) The green tea is good but just not the same. My meals have been pretty bland because I am still experimenting with my spices. Ran out of fruit two days in and won’t be able to get more until tomorrow. I’m going to try Produce Junction in Bensalem tomorrow and get bulk produce. Fingers crossed that it lasts me a whole week because “ain’t nobody got time for that” twice a week shopping crap!


Thank you Marissa for the words of wisdom!!! I am feeling much better today. Just got back from a 3 mile walk/run (keeping it lite) and I actually feel amazing. When I got back from my run I found this in the mailbox.


Just another friendly reminder that summer is coming!!! Oh the dreaded bathing suit, I hope to wear you with pride this summer!!!

I have learned a few things thus far. I know i like the 5 smaller meals because it keeps me from picking all day. I also have a lot of emotional issues with food. I keep talking myself out of making bad decisions. I keep saying “but how bad could fat free sour cream or my whey protein drink be” I just want my mind to shut up and just do it. You said no dairy for a week so do it and stop trying to bargain with yourself. geeeezzzz I need Jillian Michaels in my ear at all times.



In conclusion, I was grumpy but I am feeling much better. I am learning a few things and I f*cking love Jillian!!! LOL




P.S. Have a hair appointment tomorrow. What does everyone think of this?


Oh btw it doesn’t matter really because I Will Do What I Want!!! (OK another two year old moment)


2 responses to “Cleansing it and it feels so good.

  1. Ellen says:

    this is your mother……i am sooooooo proud of you.

  2. Great job!! I agree- I need to eat like Jillian is watching!! I love the hairstyle- post a pic of yours!! xo

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