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Weekend Fun!

on March 18, 2013



Yep, this is how it all started Friday morning. For a crazed freezer meal mom like me, this is horrifying. But don’t you fret with some help from my mama dinner was delicious and everyone was fed all weekend! I am still totally lost without my crock pot, I may have shed a tear 😦 

Friday night I tried my first ever cycling class with my sister and her friend!!!



That shit was intense. I totally thought because of my running that my lower body would be able to handle it. OOOOHHHH was i wrong. Barely kept up the instructor (who was a nut) Definitely motivated to keep trying till I am able to keep up with her so y’all can call me a nut! I am seriously contemplating a gym membership. I am looking into LA Fitness because of their classes and child care. Really want to challenge myself more and without having to wait for a babysitter I could go to the gym 3-4 times a week and still get my long run in on the weekend when the hubbers is home. So if i do get the membership you know you will be hearing more about these classes!! I felt great after the class!! Like my lovely sister said after the class “I feel so alive”!!! It’s so true, I just felt good and then I crashed! lol



Saturday was a much needed relaxing day! Massage with my best friend!!!



You know that shit was good when you look like this at the end!! The scalp massage at the end is to die for. Should make this a regular thing. Maybe with all these groupon deals now we can!! Met up with another friend at Blue Sage for lunch/dinner. Blue sage is a BYOB vegetarian restaurant in South Hampton. The food was excellent and I was surprisingly full afterwards!! Didn’t stop us from doing this



Key lime pie split three ways I swear!!!

Had a great day with my girlfriends!!! You totally forget what a nice day out feels like once you’re a mom. Its good to have a lil reminder. Thanks Ladies





Saint Patrick’s day was filled with a lot of green and Irish potato making!!! Got to spend the day with my little monsters! 


But they sure are cute! Can’t get enough of these guys…..Literally I take like 20 pictures a day and Instagram them! So the weekend ended with a night out with the hubbers! He seems to think St Patty’s day is his day! I’m pretty sure he celebrates it more than his birthday. We had fun!

Here’s to  Patty’s Day




T4R (Thanks for reading)


P.S. Gonna start doing Wellness Wednesday which will be my weigh in day and I’m starting a clean eating cleanse tomorrow. More info will be up tomorrow! 


3 responses to “Weekend Fun!

  1. Erin says:

    I felt alive until the third day ! Lol. Would definitely do the cycling class again. I also want to get to the point where I keep up with the nut instructor.

    Great post Bel! Thanks for explaining T4R! Lol

  2. Oh we need to go to that Vegetarian restaurant next time I’m down in PA!

  3. I LOVE cycling class. I used to belong to LA Fitness and miss taking the classes! Yes, it is totally different from running. Such a great workout!!

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