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Throwback Thursday: Lets take a look at my past weight loss attempts!!!

on March 14, 2013

Hello All!

In honor of throwback Thursday I am going to try to explain my history with weight loss. As a child I would say I was a healthy weight. Exhibit A (i know, pretty damn cute too)



I was always the tallest in my class but not overly heavy. It wasn’t until 5 grade that i remember being significantly heavier. Of course i don’t have that picture, lol….when I find it I promise to post it (ummm maybe) I joined weight watchers in middle school and lost 30 lbs. I remember coming back from summer break and people didn’t even recognize me. It was a great feeling. During high school I remember being up and down again.

Exhibit B


One of my heaviest moments was first year of college. You know freshman 15 or in my case freshman 25. 

Exhibit C


After another weight watchers attempt, I found myself at my lowest adult weight when I studied abroad in Italy my junior year in college. Now mind you, we walked EVERYWHERE and barely ate because we couldn’t speak Italian and didn’t know what the hell we were doing. It was a great experience, I swear! 

Exhibit D



I really wish I would have stuck to healthier eating at that point. I had to of shrunk my stomach during those three month, lol (only if i knew then what i know now).  Awwwwww I have many of those moments, don’t we all. Anyways, I was heavier at my wedding and than two kids came so you know what that means.

As you can see there is cycle. Loss, gain, loss, gain gain gain! I get to a point in my weight loss where I just go back to my old habits and get lazy. Right now would be that point in this attempt but this is not an attempt. I’m mainly focused on being all around healthier, to stay active and live a vibrant life.

Throughout my whole life, I have told myself I was just big boned and wasn’t suppose to be skinnier but that was just a mind f*ck. That was my excuse to not go farther in my weight loss and really commit to a healthy lifestyle. This time around I am more committed than I ever have been( Damn, I’m telling the world) and I’m more aware of my bad habits and thoughts. I am excited to loss more than I ever have in the past, learn more about myself, challenge my body and try new things. 








4 responses to “Throwback Thursday: Lets take a look at my past weight loss attempts!!!

  1. Victoria says:

    You cut me out of the Daisys picture up top, I am offended! Keep up the good work, feel free to reach out for support! You totally got this.

  2. You cut me out of the Daisys picture! Not cool! I had a super mario sweat suit on in that photo. Keep you the great work, you got this!

  3. I am still laughing after reading about you losing weight in Italy because you didn’t know what you were doing! haha!

    I love your balanced approach now to a healthy lifestyle! I agree- I believed that I couldn’t for so long- that I was just destined to be a heavy and there was nothing I could do about it. When I realized that I needed to stop making excuses and just DO it, my life changed. Results or excuses- so true!

    You are awesome 🙂 xo

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