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Wordpress app!!!! Yes!!!!

I haven’t been writing on here bc my computer died awhile ago! I’m so excited to find the WordPress app!!! This will make posting ten times easier.

Since my last post I have accomplished my first half marathon and already signed up for my second.

I’d like to post my training plan and keep myself accountable this time.
Training started last week and the half is April 13th!!!

This weeks training

Monday- cross train (Jillian ripped video)

Tues- 3 miles

Wed- 2 miles

Thurs- 2 miles

Friday ❤️- rest (still wanna walk at least one mile)

Saturday – 5 miles

Sunday- 2 easy miles

I have def come to a stand still with my weight loss. I think it’s important to still lose to hopefully make my running journey a lil easier. I struggle with emotional and over eating and am looking for ways to work on these issues! More info to come 🙂


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So I didn’t realize how much the blog was helping me. The accountability factor of it all really made me crunch down on my bad habits and run harder. Since my last post I have hurt myself mainly because I still don’t own the right pair of running shoes. I can feel the pain in my knee, hip and lower back. I love to run and really need it to feel strong and healthy.Since my last weigh in on here I have been going up and down with the same 5lbs. NO major weight loss and/or gain.  I still plan to train for my first half in November. Training starts in August. I will have the right shoes by then. Till then lots of summer fun happening. Pool days, park days, beach week, Poconos week!!! Watermelon, ice tea, ice cream cones and corn on the cob!!!! Gotta love summer. Lots of food but way more sweating so I guess it evens out 🙂 I am super excited to be heading to the beach this Saturday for the week. Me and two toddlers. My Monsters The loves of my life and I will be adventuring to the shore with my in laws!!!. Lots of sleep needed to prepare for this adventure or just a lot of caffeine once we get there. 

Here is a pic from one of our park days….. they are so stinking cute



Last time we spoke (Ok OK I wrote and u barely read) I was preparing for my 5 mile run. Here is a pic pre run!!!



Yes that says NON-Fat MILF… LOVE IT!!!! The 5 miles was a lot harder than we expected.  Apparently we signed up for the “HILL-R-US” race. Extremely hilly and HOT. My goal was under an hour and I came in at 63 minutes. I am okay with it mainly because I have to be but It is a good time to try to beat next year. Don’t know when I will get back to a computer but I hope I have one when my training starts so I can stay accountable 🙂 


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Soooo LONG

It’s been too long my friends. My computer is broken 😦 The last couple weeks I have keep up with my 10k training plan and tomorrow is my 5 mile race!!! YIKES Did a test run last weekend and it was rough but doable!!! I am excited and nervous for tomorrow. What is next for me? That is a great question you ask. I am going to sign up for the Trenton Half Marathon which is in early November. I will start training for that race in August and until then just keep up my running and healthy lifestyle. Now I had originally said on the blog that I would be running the Boston FULL Marathon next year. That was obviously a moment of passion because after some careful brain storming I have decided I will not be able to train for a full while my children are still young. Sorry If i disappointed anyone but I have to do what best for the family. I hope to some day run a full but honestly not for several more years. So for now lets stick with the Half Marathon goal so I only feel half crazy!!! 🙂 Again nervous and excited. When I started running I could barely run for 3 minutes and last weekend I ran for almost an hour. Looking at 2:30-3 hours of running is really scary but I know I can do it because I have already overcome the hard part which is getting out there and actually trying. Every week I put miles on my Nikes and every week I am getting stronger. I am hoping it wont take me so long to post again!!


Check out Phoebe’s new workout gear!!! Get them started young!!! 



Wellness Wednesday


Thought this was funny!!!! Weighed in at 186.5 this morning. I guess I am gonna do it .5lbs at a time now. I hope not, that would take forever. I am thinking another cleanse will have to be done next month to really  get the scale moving again.  Right now I wanna focus on this training. It is super hard. The sprints are so foreign to me. My body never moves that fast and most of the time I feel like I am going to fall flat on my face. I can already feel that the sprints are helping with endurance with my other workouts and my longer runs. I did my cross training today (Jillian 30ds) and I didn’t stop once. That is a big accomplishment. Now the whole purpose of this workout is to workout as hard as you can for 20 minutes and never stop. Now until today I have at least taken one or two water breaks when I do this video but not today. I was able to keep up the whole time and am super excited about this. Today was an I love you, Jillian day!!!! I have an extremely love/hate relationship with Jill (Yup that’s right, we are tight)  I wish!!! Today was a good day for our relationship, she was right. She even says in the video “just keep doing it and eventually your body will adapt.” LOVE YOU JILLIAN.. 

I have to focus on these non-scale victories as well because than I become obsessed with the scale and we all know that is not good.

To avoid obsessing…..

1. I only weigh myself once a week ( to help with this I do not leave my scale on the ground. I store it in my laundry room and only bring it out on Wednesdays)

2. I also take measurements and Picture throughout my journey to see comparsions!!


So far these two things have helped a lot. I am happy with my .5 loss and even happier with my Jillian workout today. Tomorrow is my first attempt on the all out sprint outside. I think I would feel better if I had a face mask. This workout is gonna have to take place in the AM before the hubbers leaves for work so wish me luck on the waking up early thing and the not falling on my face thing!






Week 2 of 10k training

First week went well. I got all my workouts in!! For me it helps that I write it down so I can stick to the plan and know what has to be accomplished each day. This week is very similar with little changes to the workouts.

Monday- rest day

Tuesday- five 2 minute pick ups and two 1 minute pick up with 1 minute recovery after each.

Wednesday- cross train (Jillian 30ds)

Thursday- Treadmill incline pick ups. Six 20 sec sprints with 1 minute recovery after each. (OH yea i broke my treadmill so i am going to have to do this one outside)

Friday- Cross train (Jillian 30ds)

Saturday- easy run or rest

Sunday- Long run ( 40 minutes)

Last week I found it easier to switch Friday and Saturday because I have more time on the weekends but we will see how it goes this week. Not looking forward to these sprints outside. I feel like I’m gonna fall the whole time.

Food wise I ate horrible on Saturday. We were out and about all day, had pizza twice in one day and maybe even some wine….. Sooooo Bad I know. Never made it to the produce store this weekend so I hope I can spruce up some healthy stuff this week without completely eating horrible all week. Its all about whats in the house. I like fruits and vegetables and when they are in the house I will choose them. I have yet to experience whats gonna happen if I don’t have any in the house. I guess we will see and I will hope I can get to the produce store sometime soon.


Weekend was nice.. Mothers day next weekend…. What is everyone plannning for your mothers or yourself (if you are a mommy)?

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Finally FAMILY Photos

The day you all have been waiting for!!! Lol all 3 of you!!! If you are friends with me on facebook you have already seen the big reveal but for those who don’t here it is.

First and foremost I want to thank my great friend Nicole Butz for taking the photos. She was so great with the kids, even little miss Phoebe who did not want to smile. Everyone tells me I should get her into modeling but there is no way. She is so Camera shy. Well not with my phone anymore but with a real camera and a different person involved. She was definitely a little booger the whole time, wouldn’t let go of mommy.

Here are some single shots of the kids….  Image


And some of the family…



.My absolute favorite shot is them together… Image



#2 on the favorite list is this family shot!!!Image


Nicole did an amazing job. I am so happy with these pictures. I did some playing around because the last time we took family photos was the beginning of my healthy lifestyle change. Here is a comparison.



It is a 10 month difference and 32 lbs on my part. I personally think the whole family looks healthier!!! YAY to us!!!


P.s. Go check out Nicole’s facebook page…..




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Wellness Wednesday

Hi All! I started a new training plan this week. I found the plan in my fitness magazine last month.



This is the first 4 weeks of the program.(sorry about the horrible picture.) It is a 8 week plan. I do not have a 10k scheduled and can not find one as of right now that fits my schedule. I do have a 5 mile run scheduled for June 2nd so I know I need to up my mileage! So I hope this plan will help with that.

Here is this week

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Ten 1 minute pick ups with 1 minute recovery after.

Wednesday: cross train (which is an easy to moderate cardio workout of your choice for 15 minutes followed by a strength training routine) For these days I am going to do my Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred routines.

Thursday: treadmill incline pickups eight 15 sec sprints with 1 minute recovery after each

Friday: cross train

Saturday: rest or light run (25 minutes)

Sunday: Long run (35-40 minutes)

Already did Monday and Tuesday. Wow was the 10 pick ups hard, after the third one I was ready to stop but I didn’t. I did all 10 and felt like death after. My body still hurts today so you know that was a good workout. I have Jillian scheduled for nap time today and dreading it!!! LOL she is gonna kick my butt. It’s been awhile since I have done one of her videos.

Do not worry I did not forget that today is weigh in day. I weighed in at 187 this morning that is .5 loss. I’ve totally been in maintenance mode all month. I did not reach any more goals this month and wasn’t able to keep up with the arm challenge every day. I did work in strength training twice a week every week in April and will continue that with the cross train days on this plan. Food wise I don’t really have a plan yet. I am gonna start from the beginnning again and write down everything. Hopefully this will help me see what I am doing wrong and I can actually lose some weight this month. It is really hard for me to focus on both training and hard core dieting. I find when I am training I naturally eat better but I dont actually follow a plan. Too many plans make this girl go crazy!!!

New month and I am excited to get started and make some progress. Just keep going!!! Might not have accomplished everything I wanted to last month but its a new day and you have to JUST KEEP GOING. Yes I am giving myself a pep talk. Don’t judge!!! 🙂

If you know of any 10k in June, July or August leave a response. I don’t know if I am gonna be able to find one in the summer. Might have to wait till Fall. If you have any other races let me know. Love having running partners and cheering each other on!!!




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Two year old POOH party!

Saturday Phoebe turned two. So we had a little party for her and her little friends. Soooooo many babies around, I was in heaven. I don’t think there was one moment I was baby less. Phoebe is obsessed with Winnie the Pooh right now so we had a lil Pooh theme.

I found some great ideas on Pinterest and tried to recreate them. Image First was the hunny pots. This is the image I found on Pinterest and these are the ones I made for the party. Gotta give a big thank you to the best friend for all the help with these. They are pretty damn good right. ImageOk a true “Nailed it” moment. We put Honey combs in most of them but also used one for the silverware! They were super easy with a little paint and a sharpie!

Next was the sign out front.Image  Here is what I found on Pinterest.


Here is what I made. This again was super easy. The boards came in the exact sizes I needed at AC Moore and I just used a brown marker on it.

Isn’t she the cutest thing? The tutu set and hair pin were from Little Lads and Lasses. I decided I wasn’t that crafty and just ordered one!!! I also decided to just order the favors for the children to take home instead of trying to make them.Image


I got these off at a little shop called Hannah Chocolate dream. Again they came out perfect and were a nice and easy favor to hand out. Another decoration we had is a banner I made last year which I put Velcro on and had 12 months worth of pictures of Phoebe on it. I simply took off last years 12 months and replace it with this years pictures. This is a great reusable decoration. Its made out of string and felt paper. Cut the felt into 12 triangles and connect them with the string. Put Velcro in middle of triangle and then place the pictures on the Velcro. The last cute decoration idea I forgot to get good pictures of. I made little food signs and tapped them to Phoebes little bath characters she has.


We had Pooh related foods. Like “Piglets in a blanket” which were turkey dogs and reduced fat crescent rolls!!! We had “Rabbit’s Vegetables” which was a simple veggie tray. Also, “Pooh’s hunny” which was the honey combs. Lastly, we had “Tigger’s Trail mix” which was a chex mix pack. I made super healthy pasta salad and no one noticed. My mother in law brought an awesome cake mix dip which was low in calories. It was so gooooooood!! Of course there was the normal unhealthy stuff too but I just wanted to make sure I had healthy options. The cake which was far from a healthy version was so cute.


My parents got it from Piazza’s Bakery.

I had a little bit of everything. I focused more on the healthy foods but I didn’t deprive myself. If I wanted to try something, I just made sure I had good portion control and did not go over board. This worked well for me. I wasn’t obsessing over the food and did not over do it. Great party, Great company, Great day!!! Here is my absolute favorite picture from the day!!! Image


My baby is all grown up!!! I love those kisses!



P.S. Don’t forget wellness Wednesday this week. I have a new training schedule I will be sharing with you!!!





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Bringing back the graduation picture from 2004. Super long hair. I have had long hair for as long as I can remember. After my wedding in 2008 I chopped it all off and have had short hair ever since. I love short hair now. It’s so easy to maintain and looks healthier to me. I guess the hardest part of short hair is trying to put it up while working out but it really isn’t that bad. You can probably do more with long hair but I like to play around with my short hair. I still curl it, straighten it, pin it back. What’s your preference on you? Short or long hair? Pros and cons?


Picture from this weekend. Can’t really see the hair but you get the idea. My last post has a better picture of the short hair. Check that out!!





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Wellness Wednesday

Weighed in this morning at 187.5. This is good. I feel like its a fresh start right where I left off. I did not get my run in this morning because Pat is home from work. I will still go today but not sure what time. Eating really well so far this week. Still have to get my strength training in. Can not wait to share family pictures with everyone and wait till you see Phoebe in her birthday outfit 🙂 Not much to talk about today, still just getting ready for her birthday and boring everyday stuff 🙂


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